2020 UNICEF-NGO Partnership in Humanitarian Action Annual Consultation (virtual)

17-19 NOVEMBER 2020

2020 UNICEF-NGO Partnership in Humanitarian Action Annual Consultation (virtual)

'Working Together to Address Emerging Challenges’ 17-19 November 2020

To reach results for children, partnership is crucial to UNICEF and civil society organizations, including national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and academic institutions. This partnership acquires a specific significance in humanitarian settings, where the challenges faced in delivering results for children are even more critical. In 2019, both UNICEF and ICVA invested in establishing an ongoing dialogue between UNICEF and NGOs to improve partnership in humanitarian settings. Following the results of a scoping study conducted by ICVA, in November 2019 UNICEF and ICVA organized the UNICEF-NGO Consultation on ‘Enhancing the Culture of Partnership’, where the need to continue the dialogue was emphasized and it was agreed to hold yearly consultations between UNICEF and NGOs.

Partnership has become even more critical in the COVID-19 context. Faced with the challenge of responding to the global health, humanitarian, socioeconomic and human rights crisis, UNICEF and NGOs have increased efforts to protect and assist children and their families in humanitarian settings.

The 2020 UNICEF-NGO Consultation follows up on the commitments undertaken in 2019 and focuses on the ongoing efforts to address emerging challenges in 2020. As such, this consultation will be an opportunity for dialogue on a wide range of issues. The key issues to be covered during this event include:

• Looking back at UNICEF 2019 commitments

• COVID-19 impact on partnerships

• UNICEF simplified partnership procedures

• Funding flexibility for NGOs

• Localization and decolonization of aid

• Anti-racism and anti-discrimination

You can watch the live broadcast by clicking here